The taxidermy you see throughout the shop is our personal collection and not for sale. We have acquired the many pieces over the past 10 years at estate sales, antique stores, flea markets and donations. Many are antique pieces. We think of our collection as an ode to nature, combining the feeling of a botanical garden with a museum of natural history. We do not promote trophy hunting and are animal lovers and have a true love for nature. Please look as these preserved specimens for their beauty and what we can learn from them. We hope by seeing nature in this art form one may think about making small changes every day to better this planet. May they be a reminder of our own mortality as well as pressing matters that may actually cause decline in animal species such as climate change, habitat loss, poaching, pet trade, and food consumption.
The bones, skulls, and other natural elements present throughout the shop are by-products from government culling programs and the food industry. Some are found at flea markets and estate sales. None of these animals are solely hunted for these remnant pieces. Bones and shells are usually discarded after animals are processed from hunting or agriculture. The demand for these left-over parts is not high. We find great beauty in these natural objects and they are truly works of art. Ethical sourcing is of utmost importance. We are in awe of this planet and want to share the wonder and joy we find with others.

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