Established in 2011, Seed to Stem was born out of a life-long love for nature, finely crafted goods, found objects,

antiques, creating, and of course, plants. 

The owners want to encourage people to create spaces within the home that mirror elements of nature and re-think how their own dwelling can connect to the natural world. Their unique aesthetic focuses on bringing natural objects to the forefront. They believe in surrounding yourself with plants, organic elements, finely crafted goods, and objects of beauty to enhance your daily being. 

The inspiration for this ever-evolving retail shop comes from wanting to share the never-ending wonder and awe that we feel when we look at the fine veins within a leaf, the beautiful grey tone of a weathered skull, the wonder of a Venus fly trap, and the sparkle of a crystal. We want to share the pleasure of holding a handmade mug or filling your home with the

scent of fine incense.

We take pride in artistically combining all of these elements together to create enchanting vignettes and spaces.

Seed to Stem is proud to offer hand-made goods from makers around the world, many from across the United States. In addition to our natural selections we carry an array of organic, small batch, bath and body products, curated books, candles, incense, ceramics, kitchen decor, jewelry, pots, gift items, antiques, oriental and sheepskin rugs, home decor, and more. 

Interior design services available. 



We welcome photo shoots within the shop.

We ask that you are respectful of customers

and do not bring any large equipment.

Photoshoots are NOT permitted on weekends.

Please give our space credit when posting photos on social media. 

Private space rental for photo shoots is available weekdays between  9:30-11am for a flat rate of $250 

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